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GTL4.140 Video Truck Smart Balancer

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Price: $13082,00 $ $11119,00 $

Our top line truck wheel balancing machine uses a video display for easy operation. Premium features such as auto data entry, tire diagnostics, and integrated pneumatic lift and pneumatic clamping are included. Cost could be reduced by choosing manual locking of the flansh to the wheel, $ 11252  with discount $9,564 ( when available)

A truly all purpose balancer with the ability to precisely balance auto and light wheels with a high degree of accuracy. Premium software includes special tape weight functions, tire and wheel matching, split weight, and Eco-Weight. Standard with automatic distance and diameter entry. Automatic width gauge and sonar measurement of tire and rim eccentricity are optional. A calibration tool is provided with the machine so that using a tire and wheel is no longer necessary. This ingenious machine automatically stops on top for the outside weight placement and then turns and brakes on top for placement of the inside weight. Applying tape weights is a simple process that requires no button pushing.
Like all RAV products, this balancer is ruggedly reliable and engineered for years of high volume use.
Standard with medium duty budd centering cone, backing plate spacer, wingnut, calibration tool, and width caliper. Other accessories for trucks, cars, and light trucks are available.

If you truly desire the most innovative commercial wheel balancer available perhaps it is time you move up to RAV.

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