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Dear Professional:

You, as our valued prospective customer, deserve to know what happens after you purchase professional grade shop equipment from AETechnologies, Inc.

We are a full service shop equipment dealer. What that means for you is that when you choose us as your supplier for your equipment, you have chosen a service partner who is truly dedicated to your success. With over 50 years of combined experience, we will provide the service when you need it! Most of our equipment could be serviced or repaired within 24 to 48 hours and we repair our brands of equipment on-site or at our warehouse (including pickup and delivery).
If you need service on your existing shop equipment but didn’t purchase it from us, our service department can service virtually any brand of equipment or machine you may have. Please call us to find out what we can service and how convenient it is to have AETechnologies, Inc. be your service provider for all of your shop equipment needs.

At point of sale our equipment is offered for an all-inclusive price, unless otherwise negotiated. That means no additional or hidden charges to you. All of that is outlined in detail in our FSO (Factory Sales Order Form). No additional cost occurs for unloading, assembly, set up, hook up or calibration of your new equipment at your location.

When you purchase your new equipment from AETechnologies, Inc. you will not only be covered by the Manufacturer’s Product Warranty but you will also receive other considerations such as the AETech Labor Warranty and AETech On-Site (travel) Warranty at no additional cost to the owner/user during the in warranty period.

AETechnologies, Inc. also offers a Regular Maintenance Plan (RMP) and a Preventative Maintenance Plan (PMP), which means basic or preventative maintenance performed either by the user/owner or AETechnologies, Inc. Service Department. The purpose is the upkeep of the equipment to maintain its value and functionality.
Our RMP includes for example:

  • Check rechargeable batteries of cordless wheel alignment sensor heads
  • Lubrication of table top clamping jaws on rim clamp tire changers
  • Replacing of worn pads on 2 post lifts
  • Replace worn nylon pegs on wheel clamps
  • Re-adjusting leveling devices on wheel alignment lifts ensuring precision alignments
  • Exchange of hydraulic fluid
  • Restock consumable items like cutting tips for brake lathes
  • Replacement of all broken or damaged parts such as covers and consumable items that don't affect directly performance of equipment.

From our passed experience and from other organizations we work with, the consensus by all is simply that downtime of equipment could be drastically reduced by following a strict preventive maintenance schedule. Therefore we offer a Preventative Maintenance Plan (our PMP) for every piece of equipment to ensure top performance and highest productivity at all times. That means, depending on the kind of equipment, you could see a technician as often as every 3 months until a maintenance pattern for your usage profile is established. After that our technician could assist you or your personnel to perform the work needed after you get familiar with your new machine.

Examples of such preventive maintenance in the PMP are:

  • Re-tighten anchor bolts on all lifts

          (suggested by many manufactures after 1st week of operation and monthly thereafter)

  • Scan disk/defrag hard drive on computer platforms
  • Adjust/top off oiler on rim clamp tire changer
  • Drain water from moisture separator
  • Clean turn tables to maintain lowest possible friction
  • Check functionality of all components/features of machine
  • Cleaning lenses on wheel alignment sensor heads
  • Replace damaged covers to avoid moisture to get to electronic components
  • Instruct newly hired personnel on equipment operation

The goal is to maintain the highest possible standard to guaranty utmost performance. PMP arrangements include functions that are normally covered by RMP arrangements.

All of the above described work could be performed by you or AETechnologies, Inc. Service Department. Our goal is to provide you with the best service solution to fit your business style.

Please contact our office for a current PMP or RMP price sheet pertaining to your equipment.


Burkhard von Schmeling