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Rav G4.140RS Diagnostic Smart Balancer

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Category: Tire Balancers
Price: $9298,00 $ $7903,00 $

The new generation wheel balancing machine with tire and wheel diagnostic capability and the industry's best laser pointer for exact tape weight location.

Tire or wheel runout condition is measured with each cycle and the data is displayed clearly on screen. Our premium software makes even complicated balancing procedures seem simple. So simple that most procedures can be completed without pushing a single button on the 4 button keypad.
This brand new model features a laser light pointer for exact placement of tape weights as well as a nifty touch screen operation. The LED lighting feature illuminates the inside of the wheel for maximum visibility.

Among its many features is automatic tape weight mode, stop on top for the external plane, and eco-weight mode.

For the discriminating workshop who is seeking a top range wheel balancer

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