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Ravaglioli 3-D Wheel Alignment System

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Category: Alignment Systems
Price: $33570,00 $ $28534,00 $

The Ravaglioli VISTAR 3-D Target Alignment System represents alignment technology at its peak. A higher performing, versatile and simple system at a more affordable cost, there’s no rolling, pushing or pulling of the vehicle required. Exclusive to RAV, the VISTAR 3-D uses Solid Vision Technology and Premium Grade Software with hundreds of help graphics to give you the most advanced alignment system on the market today. Other features of VISTAR 3-D includes:

  • RAV exclusive Solid Vision Technology
  • Non-runout Selfcentering 3 Point Fast Clamps
  • Remote Display and Control with Rav's exclusive SmartPhone App – With remote operation by the SmartTablet the system becomes truly portable and can be taken all over the workshop. It is no longer necessary to be next to the aligner console or even to use a console for that matter.

  • SMART CARD for quick data bank update
  • Target Data Selection with Cordless Scanner reading the vehicles Barcode
  • USB key to save and restore customer data
  • Data bank with more than 90,000 vehicle data sheets

The VISTAR 3D just may be the most advanced alignment system on the market today. Talk to one of the professionals at AETechnologies by calling 1-877-RING-AET and get more information and pricing today!



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